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Premarital Classes in California


The First Dance won a Modern Bride Magazine Trendsetter award for tackling the complex interpersonal relationships in wedding planning. Wedding planning brings up all the issues you will face as a married couple - budgeting, team work, who is part of your community (guest list.)

A wedding is the most complex interpersonal event of your lives and it happens at the beginning, before you've spent decades working hard to learn the nuance of each other and your families.



California Group Class Information using The First Dance Material:

Yuba City www.yubasuttermarriage.com





















When Money or Time is a Factor, Get Marriage Preparation Easily Online or at Home!

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Take Back Your Wedding**

Weddings bring out the best and worst in all of us because they combine romance, money, family and friend loyalties, jealousies, new in-law relations, and endless practical decisions, all played out publically. With this book you will better handle stress, avoid common pitfalls, enhance your relationships, and better launch a successful marriage. Read powerful testimonials for wedding experts and download a free chapter here!

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Kindle version only $9.99!

The Ultimate Premarital Test $35


This research-based inventory has been used for over 25 years by over 2.5 MILLION couples. Personalized results are given in a report within MINUTES of taking the test. Take it when you're ready. No coordinating schedules. You can say you've put energy into your relationship, not just the wedding. Surprised by some of the results? Take the report to a premarital counselor to talk further!

Therapy In A Box - $20 **

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Can't afford a therapist, feel like you have a pretty good relationship, but want to go through what many therapists offer in private sessions?


This e-book for couples is interactive with exercises, worksheets and the space for couples journaling makes it a great keepsake for you and your fiance to remind you of what you worked on in preparation for your marriage.


The First Dance - Video INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $9.99

Similar to our book but presented with other material and audience interaction, you could even "listen" to this video without watching it closely, to get on the same page with your fiance and have the wedding that you want.
Improve marital success, reduce conflict and avoid the "emotional landmines" that arise in wedding planning.
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Financial intimacyFinancial Intimacy - $7.99 E-Book **

Women tend ignore money. Couples both suffer when money is not open discussed, emotions shared, and teamwork created. Get on the same financial page so you can live the lives you want! Buy Now

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Passion, Sex & Intimacy - $19.99 Ebook


Married sex can and should be amazing but often isn't. Men and women feel embarassed talking openly and end up with years of medicore love making. Your honeymoon gift should be this book! Buy Now (opens a new window)

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