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  • Therapy In A Box - $20

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    Can't afford a therapist, feel like you have a pretty good relationship, but want to go through what many therapists offer in private sessions?

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  • Passion, Sex & Intimacy - $19.99 Ebook

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    Married sex can and should be amazing but often isn't. Men and women feel embarassed talking openly and end up with years of medicore love making. Your honeymoon gift should be this book!

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  • Premarital Test $29.95


    This research-based inventory used with over 2.5 MILLION couples. Personalized results are instant. Learn more and sign up

  • Financial Intimacy - $7.99 Ebook

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    Fabulous advice and worksheets on becoming a financially saavy team

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  • Take Back Your Wedding $12.99

    Why do engaged couples, parents, officiants and wedding planners love this book? This book is the best money investment you will spend on the wedding.
    Improve marital success, reduce conflict and avoid the "emotional landmines" that arise in wedding planning. Testimonials and more

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  • The First Dance - Video INSTANT DOWNLOAD - $9.99

    Similar to our book but presented with other material and audience interaction, you could even "listen" to this video without watching it closely, to get on the same page with your fiance and have the wedding that you want.
    Improve marital success, reduce conflict and avoid the "emotional landmines" that arise in wedding planning.
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Passion, Sex and Intimacy: Keep the Fires of Passion Burning Workbook - $19.95

by Rich Nicastro, Ph.D.


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Whether you're virgins or have been intimate for years, married sex can and should be the best sex of your life. Unfortunately lack of communication, expectations of "mind-reading", and inhibitions can get in the way of any couple, even those who commuinicate well in every other area.


You don’t have to settle for a passionless marriage or relationship. Sex, passion and intimacy is your blueprint to developing a more rewarding, deeper connection with your spouse or partner.

Discover the tools needed to spice up your sex life and find greater emotional intimacy in the process.

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