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Top Ten Ways to Increase Wedding Party Stress

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#10 - It is important to select wedding party members that dislike each other and perhaps who you do not like (say, your grooms best man is a drug dealer and overall bad guy)

#9 - Be sure not to ask any family or in-laws about being in the wedding party. Afterall this is your day and your job is to maximize your fun, not family loyality or honor new family members. Besides by asking about the family expectations you'll just be aware of the drama youv'e created. By not asking you can be left in the dark about how much they feel disrepected

#8 - It's a great idea to select someone you were once close with, say, 2 years ago but rarely see or talk with today. This way you ensure maximum discomfort when their life is too full to include your wedding plans and you play the mental game of "do they care about me, was this a mistake?"

#7 - Pick your wedding party based soley on one criteria - say, how fun they are, or how often you see them. This will almost guarentee drama as their role expands beyond their one great trait (they're fun but a procrastinator, you see them all the time but their jealously turns against you and now you have double ackwardness of seeing them all the time and them avoiding all talk about the wedding)

#6 - When asking your wedding party members to be part of your big day be sure to give as few details as possible. It's best to give no sense of how much they'll probably end up spending, how much you'd love them to help you, etc. This will ensure maximum annoyance and anger as they don't live up to your unspoken expectations

#5 - Be sure to play your wedding party off each other. When one annoys you be sure to complain loudly and often to the others instead of calmly and rationally dealing with the person directly

#4 - Pay no attention to the life phase your wedding party is in. Do they have young children or a demanding job? Who cares - they should be willing to go anywhere and do anything, anytime, for YOUR big day and they should do it with a smile

#3 - If you have to "fire" a bridesmaid or maid of honor be sure to do it rapidly, with no explanation and no conversations beforehand. Call it an impromptu lay-off and feel justified in cutting off this person cold turkey so there is no annoyance of them "defending themselves" or "explaining" what was going on. This is your day, do what you want

#2 - If your wedding party has a drinking problem and prior experiences being embarassing while drinking, be sure to plan a bar stop between the ceremony and reception as well as a lot of booze at the wedding. Then be outraged when they act out of control and play the innocent victim that they ruined your wedding

#1 - Be sure that after not giving any expectations of your wedding party you continue to change your mind on everything and vent loudly when your wedding party isn't able to read your mind and be supportive. Insist they visit the 32nd photographer or cake baker and stop whining!