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Where to Store Wedding Cards


When I got engaged, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of cards I received in the mail, usually from older people, congratulating me on the engagement. Do you find cards start accumulating early and people don't know what to do with them?


I think many people receive wedding and engagement cards along with gifts in the mail and then post them up on the wall, or on their table for all to see but eventually they just get buried in a pile somewhere. There are some great words of wisdom and lovely sentiments buried in that pile. There's a great need for a place to keep these cards safely secured!


When did you start searching for something to hold all your cards - was it early or later in the wedding planning process, and what drove you to seek out (and later do yourself), a card box holder?


In my area of the US, (Northern New Jersey) not only do people get cards and gifts in the mail but they also recieve them at the wedding itself. Many people just assign a friend or relative to 'collect' the cards and keep them safe. What a burden on that person! They could be carrying around a lot of special memories, not to mention the money and checks that are inside those lovely cards.

I wanted to have a secure box to collect my cards that would still be beautiful and match with the colors of my wedding decor. During my wedding planning process I’d seen other card holders on line and in stores. Mainly white, frilly looking bird cages (cards can easily be slipped right out by some sticky fingers), cheap looking paper boxes, and dated- looking treasure chests. I wanted something that reflected US. That we could use after the wedding to keep our cards safe and store other wedding memories!


Some couples are pack rats, some are minimalist. Do you find certain personalities are more likely to save cards than others?


I can't speak for others but I myself am pretty minimalist but I still value the special cards we got from our friends and family during our wedding and the celebrations leading up to it. Those I’ll never get rid of.


Do you think people who have way too many cards should winnow down the number they save and if so, should it be by whether there are personal notes inside, or the beauty of the card, or who sent it?


As a minimalist ( I don't understand pack rats or 'savers') I do understand why people save cards but there has to be a limit. If I saved every birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, etc. card I've gotten over the years where the sender just signed their name I'd be drowning! I think it IS important to save the cards that are meaningful. If they have a special message inside, something heartfelt and written out by the sender, then by all means hold onto it (as long as you keep it in a place where you can easily access it and enjoy it!)


Do you have any stories you've collected, perhaps of grandchildren who found old cards of their grandparents and were so grateful they weren't thrown away?


I have my own stories. My father passed away several years ago and I still have a few of the cards he'd given me on Valentine's days past when i was a kid. (It was our tradition that he'd bring me a heart box of chocolates). It’s nice to look back at them now.


Should a card storage box be thought of as more organization or art?


Wedding Card Boxes can definitely be used to store the cards after the affair as well as to store other small keepsakes like the garter, ring pillow, etc. Having a card box that was customized just for you as we do at Creative Custom Card Boxes, just brings a little piece of that special day into the present.


Where do people keep their boxes filled with cards - visible to others or in storage somewhere, or both?

Some keep their card boxes in storage but many use them as a display item so others can look through the cards as well.


When people get married and are considering how to deal with their cards, should they also be considering future events - cards for a new home, new babies, new job, etc? Should they consider an extra large "one stop spot" for all cards or is it better to think of life events separately?


I think this is a totally individual choice. For me, I'd love to have a special Card Box when the time comes to place all my baby's cards, and wishes into. That’s why we make a WISH BOX for showers!

At weddings does everyone respond equally to the card boxes at the gift table, or do certain generations particularly like them? I would think older folks who tend to write more letters, might appreciate the unique container holding all the cards. But perhaps younger people appreciate the artistry of the boxes?


Interestingly enough I think at some points its just the opposite! Many of the elders see a box to collect cards to be strange. In 'their day' many cultures carried around a satin bag or had the best man hold onto the cards in his jacket pocket. Our brides and grooms however love the idea that they can have a secure place to collect the cards that is also attractive and matches their decor!


What are the options out there for card storage and one is one thing you wish everyone knew when it came to holding onto cards, whether for the wedding, life events, holidays, etc?


There aren’t really many options for card boxes out there believe it or not. You have your craft store paper boxes/wishing wells, dated white boxes or birdcages and the like. This is why my mother and I started Creative Custom Card Boxes! We wanted every bride and groom to have a special, customized and secure place to store and collect their wedding cards.

My advice- Don't purchase a dated, tacky card box for such an important occasion as your wedding! Let us design and hand craft a Creative Custom Card Box that you will cherish for years to come!


Thanks to Marni at Creative Custom Cardboxes.com for sharing her passion and creativity with us.

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