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Money | A Hot Issue


We have an entire wedding budget area to talk about the complexity of money. No matter what your money views, there is no "right or wrong." This very simple award-winning game is worth the emotional awareness you'll gain. A few big "a-ha" moments may greatly help in wedding planning. Learn more

We're Going to Be One Happy Family...Or Else!


A very unique book written by a nationally respected marriage and family therapist who has worked with couples and families for over 30 years. Learn why a mother bought 25 copies for EVERYONE in her family to get everyone on the same page during the most intense, public, family event. Learn more

Wedding Discounts for Marriage Prep


Engaged couples are by their nature extremely happy. But as you know, after the honeymoon, marriage is hard work. We offer many options for marriage prep at many price-points(and wedding discounts from vendors who want to help!) Encourage your adult child to visit our website.Learn more


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The Wedding Date - Relationship Issues to Consider


  • What is the season – will guests be comfortable in the hot or cold or mild weather?


  • How accessible is the wedding -  Will people have to fly or drive – how long will they have to take off work to get there? Are there affordable hotels nearby?  Are you making the date/time easy to take off work or avoid taking vacation time?  Is there a lot of driving when they arrive in the destination?


  • Are there any events in the family, your community, among friends (perhaps their own weddings or busy jobs), or the nation that might conflict with your date – from a marathon in your area, holiday weekends, traditional family vacation times, school graduations or pregnancies within the next 9 months?  If you have a lot of CPA relatives you wouldn’t want a January to April date, for example.  Or golf business owners can’t easily take time off in the summer


  • If people are helping pay for the wedding are there times of the year better financially?  Perhaps big bonus’ at the end of the year make a spring wedding more financially accessible?  Are there slow times of the year when money is tighter – say, just before Christmas? Even if you are paying for your own wedding, are you going to be moving or buying a house around the wedding? How will all this impact your date?