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Welcome Officiants, Vendors, Clergy, Therapists, Premarital Educators, Wedding Coordinators


No one gets a closer look at how couples and families manage the emotional aspects of weddings than you do. Many of you have told us you could write a best seller about the stress and intrigue that culminate at the wedding rehearsal or wedding day. You can sense the family pressures on the bride and groom, the in-law strains, and the impossible expectations for a perfect wedding.


If you do marriage preparation, it’s natural to avoid discussing wedding planning, but we have concluded that it is fruitless and unwise to ignore the gigantic elephant in the premarital counseling room—the wedding planning process. As educators and therapists, we know that the first principle of adult learning is to take people where they are, and for most engaged couples, this means wedding planning. If we embrace wedding planning as a learning opportunity, new possibilities open up to help couples learn life-long lessons about their own teamwork under stress, their relationships with parents and siblings and in-laws, and about the dynamics of extended families. We also have convinient link to the Prepare-Enrich Couple Checkup that couples can take directly from our website. Link to the test here.


If you work in the wedding industry, you're often called to read the feelings, needs, preferences, and internal struggles of couples and parents, and support them to make the best decision for their own situation. You know when to give clear advice based on years of experience, and when to hold your counsel while the couple or family seek more information or forge their own compromise. You know when the bride and her mother are working in harmony or in conflict, and know how to stay out of triangles when one is trying to get them to take sides against the other. We also have convinient link to the internationally used and respected Prepare-Enrich Couple Checkup that couples can take directly from our website. Link to the test here.


The First Dance takes engaged couples where they are living and breathing—namely, in the crucible of planning the most complex logistical and interpersonal event of their lives--and helps them learn how to make decisions based on their values and to relate to their families under stress. It also helps parents understand what is happening to their family and develop effective ways to walk the tightrope of guiding but not directing their adult children. Couples who have taken the program (a 2 hour class) or read our book report less stress in the months leading up to their wedding, more ability to handle the pressures as they come, and more wisdom to carry over to their marriage.